Rodeo – one-year old Coonhound mix – Pet Adoption

luke buchananRodeo - one year old coonhound mix - #PetAdoption

I met up with a foster the other day who needed some new photos and we had a great day at the park. Read more below:

Breed Estimate: Black and Tan Coonhound mix
Gender: Male
Approximate weight: 34 lbs
Approximate age: 10 months-1 year old
Location: Foster home – DC area
Cratetrained: Yes
Coat Type: Short-little brushing needed

These two hounds are friends – Ped Adoption

These two hounds are friends - Ped Adoption

I don’t know there names, but the bigger one followed me everywhere and refused to drop my tennis ball.

Hey Calliope!

Hey Calliope!

Calliope and her sister, Callista, were found as strays in rural SC and then taken to a high-kill shelter there. She is the cutest thing. Calliope is a healthy and happy little girl! She loves to play and get belly rubs. She loves toys, especially balls, since she loves chewing. Calliope will need to be provided with appropriate chew toys. Calliope is overly curious about cats. She would probably do best in a cat-free home.

True to her cattle dog heritage, Calliope is a classic herding dog. She has a high energy level and needs daily exercise/work. Calliope has a tendency to herd other dogs in her effort to control them. She is a great age to bond with people and begin some training. Calliope is looking for someone who has the time and patience needed for a playful, active young dog.